Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mostly Titlow 2-22-09 11:00 am 37 ft 41 minutes

So , I have been having a crappy time in the water lately. I got dry gloves & started closing the valve on my dry suit when I dive. This is good because no longer do I get wet or cold. It does however present a problem with my buoyancy. UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN- you get the idea. Taking pictures while fighting with this hasn’t been fun or pretty, so I haven’t had a lot to share.
Ok, I know this is a crappy picture, but I was excited when I looked up close & saw it wasnt a flipped over sunflower , but a baby Stimpsons sun star!!
This was taken at Redondo , but I didnt like any other pictures so didnt bother to post any from that dive..

So diving at Titlow with Chris Stacey & Linda wasn’t without challenges, but we did it!
I think Linda didn’t want me to miss Jared not diving with me so she made sure to follow me around & try to get the same shots as me. I wasn’t actually trying to get a picture of the elusive “camera fish” but I did get a few shots … Should I send them to Andy lamb for a positive ID??

I almost missed this guy on the way in from the pilings. How cute is he??

A master in Camo...

I have to say, I was pretty excited to see Orange Sea pens at Titlow! Not saying they weren’t there, but I never personally saw one. It almost looks like a White Sea Pen, how sparse the polyps are. I only saw the one , but now I’m keeping my eyes open…

A Stubby Rose anemone

Found these Freckled sea lemons on the underside of a log or piling. They look rather chummy don’t they :)

And last , but not least an Ocher star....

All done for now...

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