Sunday, January 18, 2009

1-18-09 Sunnyside 10:36AM 43minutes & 72 feet

Today's dive was shared with Chris & Rob Scott & Steph and of course Marty & I ... We dove in Steilacoom at Sunnyside Beach-
This is what it looked like at 15 feet today..

One thing there was an abundance of today was Hermit Crabs! Little ones, big ones- You name it !

This guy here hid from me on my safety stop. I figured as long as I was hanging out there - I might as well wait for him to come back out of his shell ......& VOILA!!!!

If you look closely this one is digging...Also How about the crazy eyes??!!

A Striped nudibranch...

How about a Tube dwelling anemone???

Or a gigantic Pink Star

That's all she wrote ......................Till tomorrow- 2 dives at Redondo 1 pm & 7pm...=)

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