Saturday, January 17, 2009

Redondo 1-17-09 7:21PM 80 ft 39min

This dive was a last minute decision , since the club dive at Les Davis SUCKED due to silt out... So we headed up to the old stand by ! Chris Eddy & Rob teamed up So did Pete & Linda and Marty , Chris Stacey & I had a threesome.. Went to the carousel boat again & Chris had to dive an aluminum 80 so we had a shorter dive - which I'm sure he wasn't sad about since he dove wet again!

Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

An Ocher orgy just for Pete!!

Have no idea what this thing is -maybe a Plumose before it finds a permanent home???!!!

I'm not sure on the ID on this one I believe it is a C-O sole...

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