Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Redondo- 7:02pm 49 minutes

So as my first post , Im gonna go overboard . I was excited to see a lot of firsts- for me. For the first time I saw :

A Sea urchin south of Hornby

A molted Shrimp shell

Baby Plainfin Midshipman's

A scallop at Redondo!!

So here are some pictures

The Molted Shrimp

Blackbelly eelpout with more growths than I have ever seen!
Baby Plainfin Midshipman

Another one

Tubesnout eyeballing me...

Bay Pipefish

I believe this is a Great sculpin due to the mouth extending beyond the eye & the 2 cheek spines...

Coonstripe shrimp

Cute little Grunt sculpin

some itty bitty shrimp that Im not even trying to claim

Close up of what I BELIEVE is a baby GPO since I dont see the eyelashes

Same guy with a pipefish

Little octo in a tennis ball

Cant help taking a few of him....

Red -Trumpet Calcareous tubeworm

Another Coonstripe shrimp with a Spiny pink scallop in the background..

I was quite excited to see this White sea urchin to the right of the Chitons

A spiny Pink Scallop !! At Redondo none the less!

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