Friday, January 16, 2009

Redondo 1/15/09- 86 Ft 50 minutes

Wow , this was the longest & the deepest dive I have done in a while!

Chris Eddy & I took off in the lead & decided if we were going to dive before freezing to death; we had better be on our way...Leaving Marty & Linda and Rush & Sonya as following teams..

We headed out to the carousel boat drifting north across the sand flat before working back in..

Giant pink star

The visibility still sucks .The divers that were there before us said there were a couple seals buzzing around- so it was SUPER hard getting decent shots .

I call this one - "Sniff my butt"

These suckers were HUGE!!! Big giant eaters I say..

Perky little anemone..

This was a GINORMOUS stubby squid- we stalked (and molested him I'm sad to admit) but here are a couple shots

Up close & personal

A sand star
Northern Kelp crab- No clue to the type of poacher this is , but he was cute & posed for me ...

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